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Packaging Machine

We mainly supply food, drinks, paper, metal appliances and household industries packing, filling machine sealing, ice cream machine and bakery equipment. Professional experience, Wholesale prices.

Ice Cream Machine

Ice cream extrusion machine, ice cream filling machine, ice cream sugar cone baking machine,ice cream production line supply. 20 years’manufacturing experiences. Competitive prices.

Process Line

We mainly supply complete dairy, milk, cheese, fruit juice processing line.We supply design and manufacture,install and test production lines for our clients.


30 years experiences in power industry. Power transformer, furnance transformer, distribution transformer, current transformers products supply.

Substation Equipment

Trustworthy substation equipment supplier with rich experience provides you circuit breaker, disconnector, insulator etc. Competitive price and high quality.


High quality ring main unit switchgear for sale. We offer our customers HV/MV/LV switchgear with factory price. Check electrical switchgear equipment now.

Ice Cream Showcase

Unilever-Wall, Nestlee, Mihan Dairy and many worldwide clients’ supplier. More than 20 years of experience.

Steel Wire Mesh

Here you can buy steel wire mesh in high quality and low price. Reliable steel wire mesh manufacturer offer you best products and professional service.

Milk Processing Line

Here you can find milk processing line for sale. Our company have rich experience in milk processing equipment supplying and trading. Reliable production line manufacturers provide you high quality milk processing plant at reasonable price.

Circuit Breaker

In the modern world circuit breaker is essential device. In your home it is also an important safety mechanism. We have high quality molded circuit breaker(MCCB), miniature circuit breaker(MCB),air circuit breaker(ACB) and SF6 circuit breaker for sale. You can find circuit breakers compatible with your electrical panel. There are hundreds of reliable circuit breaker manufacturers and suppliers with rich experience in this field. You can buy circuit breaker with professional service.

Slaughter Equipment

MEC Group is mainly supply various capacity cattle、sheep、pig and poultry slaughtering equipment and accessories. According to different slaughtering house supply customized machine solution. 30 years professional experiences. Competitive prices for you.

Juice Production Line

We supply fruit juice processing line with high quality machinery. You can find premier juice processing equipment manufacturers in China. Fruit juice production line adopts modern design and advanced technology.

Dairy Processing Line

We have been being a well known dairy processing line supplier for a long time. On there are many reliable dairy equipment manufacturers who offer the highest quality dairy production line products.

Biscuit Production Line

Biscuit production line for sale. We satisfy customers with high quality cookie production line equipment. Produce soft & hard biscuit with biscuit making machines.

Freezer Showcase

We supply kinds of commercial glass showcase refrigerator, glass door chest freezer, small &table-top refrigerator series. Factory Prices, Professional Services!

Railway Equipment

High quality railway equipment like railway simulator, traction motor, train wheelsets and so on. Competitive prices and top service.

Agricultural Processing Equipment

Fish meal machine, feed pellet machine, feather meal machine and oil pressing machine we can supply with factory prices. Contact manufacturer directly!

Doors And Windows Making Machine

We are reliable supplier of doors windows making machine. We provide high quality press punching machine, PVC door machine, upvc welding machine etc.

Hydraulic Tools

We are professional hydraulic tools supplier in China. Here you can buy hydraulic tools such as hydraulic bottle jack, spring compressor and hydraulic shop crane etc.

Maintenance Equipment

We have maintenance equipment for sale. Our products ranges from vehicle tire, vehicle maintenance tools to vehicle lifting machine, four-wheel aligner and air compressor.

Steel Products

We are reliable manufacturer of steel products. Our products line ranges from steel rail to steel angle. You can enjoy good price of steel sheets and steel plates.

Saw Blade

We are reliable saw blade supplier in China. Here you can buy different types of saw blades. We offer our customers metal cutting saw blades, stainless steel band saw blade etc.


We are professional motor manufacturer. Here you can find various types of motors, You can buy motors in low price. We offer you professional service.